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Non-Owner SR22 In Florida

Florida Non-Owner SR22 Explained

If you qualify for the following violations in the State of Florida, you’ll probably be required to carry an SR22. There are two options; a Non-Owner SR22 and an Owner SR22.

  1. You’ve received 12 points on your license in the past 12 months.
  2. You’ve received 18 points on your license in the past 18 months.
  3. You’ve received 24 points on your license in the past 36 months.
  4. You have a Child Support obligation that hasn’t been kept current.
  5. You are deemed unable to operate a motor vehicle safely.
  6. You were caught and convicted of operating a motor vehicle without insurance.
  7. You were operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license.

While there are other reasons  you may need to carry an SR22, these are the most common.

What is a Non-Owner SR22?

If your driver’s license is suspended for the aforementioned issues, you will probably need an SR22 in the State of Florida. Of the two different types, Owner and Non-Owner, the one you will want is solely based upon whether or not you own a vehicle; more precisely a vehicle that you need insurance on. An SR22 in Florida is generally required for a period of 3 years from the date of your conviction and throughout this time period you can switch back and forth between an Owner and Non-Owner policy. Since a Non-Owner SR22 doesn’t cover a vehicle, it’s always far cheaper than an Owner policy. The purpose of a Non-Owner SR22 is to allow the insured to have their driver’s license reinstated without the need to own a vehicle. Without this provision you would be required to purchase a vehicle just to have a valid license. Non-Owner insurance is not only available in Florida, but in most States that have SR22 mandates.

How to Get Your Florida Driver’s License Reinstated Quickly: 


How Can You Find Out if You Need an SR22?

The easiest way to find out if you have an SR22 requirement is to contact the State. In fact there’s a website you can access that will show you if your driver’s license is currently suspended and, if it is, your insurance agent can tell you the time period. You can access the Florida Driver License Check system here. All you need is your driver’s license number. If you’d like to call the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you can do so at 1-850-617-2000.

Cheapest Florida Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

How Can You Find the Cheapest Non-Owner SR22 Price?

As with anything else, you’ll find the cheapest price by shopping the market. Since Non-Owner SR22 insurance is a very specialized field, you’ll want to contact an insurance agency that specializes in this type if insurance. The agency can shop multiple companies and identify your cheapest option. Variables such as Age, Gender, Where you Live, Your Driving Record, etc will all factor into the pricing. Therefore, while you’ll always get the required 10/20/10 liability limits on your policy, the pricing for the exact same thing can vary widely between insurance carriers. Always take the Non-Owner SR22 option if you qualify.

What if You Need a Florida Non-Owner FR44?

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI in the State of Florida, you’ll need an FR44 policy. It is a common mistake for Floridians to request an SR22 when they actually need an FR44. While an FR44 carries far higher Liability Limit requirements (100/300/50), it is also available in Non-Owner form. You can visit or to check pricing on Florida FR44 insurance.

SR22 Florida

SR22 Florida Explained

If you’ve had your driver’s license suspended in the State of Florida, you’ll probably need an SR22 Florida or a Florida FR44. While the FR44 insurance can better be addressed at, we’ll tackle the requirements of an SR22 now.

What are the Liability Requirements for an SR22 in Florida?

The minimum requirements you’ll need to purchase are:

  1. $10,000 for an injury to a single person in a single incident.
  2. $20,000 for an injury to multiple people in a single incident.
  3. $10,000 for any property damage that may have been caused by you.

The SR22 will show your coverage in a series of 3 numbers; i.e 10/20/10. These three numbers are representative of the values stated in the list above. Just to give an example, a Florida FR44 requires 100/300/50 coverage, which is far above those requirements for a SR22 Florida.

How to Get Your Florida Driver’s License Reinstated Quickly: 

What Circumstances Can Make You Need a SR22 Florida?

Some of the reasons you’d be required to obtain an SR22 are, but not limited to:

  1. You failed to satisfy a judgement where you were involved in an accident.
  2. You had an accident, but had no active insurance policy.
  3. You failed to produce proof of insurance when stopped.

What Types of SR22’s are Available?

There are basically two types of SR22’s in Florida; SR22 Florida Owner Policies and SR22 Florida Non-Owner Policies.

Owner Policy

If you have a vehicle in your name, and you need that vehicle covered, you’ll want to obtain a SR22 Florida Owner Policy. This policy not only covers you, but also covers the vehicle you own. If you do not maintain insurance on your vehicle, you may be forced to hand over your license plates to the State of Florida. The Owner Policy carries the same 10/20/10 coverage as the Non-Owner Policy. This type of policy is by far the more expensive of your options.

Non-Owner Policy

If you don’t own a vehicle, you can have your driver’s license reinstated by purchasing a SR22 Florida Non-Owner Policy. This allows you to be covered by the required 10/20/10 liability limits, but on you as a person; not you with your vehicle. This option, if you qualify, is by far the cheapest way to go.

Cheapest SR22 Florida Insurance

What is a SR22 Florida?

An SR22 Florida is not necessarily insurance in itself, but rather a Certificate showing proof that you are carrying the State mandated required liability limits of 10/20/10. It’s also referred to as a proof of economic responsibility.

You must usually maintain your insurance for a period of three years from your conviction date. This is not the date that the incident happened, but rather the date you were sentenced. You can contact the Florida DMV to find out how long your requirement is needed.

What does a SR22 Florida Cost?

Many factors affect the pricing of insurance and the SR22 Florida is no exception. Variables like Driving Record, Occupation, Age, Gender, Marital Status, etc will all factor into your pricing. The easiest way to find the lowest price is to have an insurance agency shop the market for you.

Can Digital Proof of a Florida SR22 Be Used?

Digital Proof of Florida Insurance

Every day we use our smartphones to check email, navigate the streets and many other applications to simplify our lives. It only makes sense that states allow us to use digital proof of insurance instead of paper copies which few people remember to replace when it expires. States like Colorado, Texas and Florida to name a few are approving the use of digital proof of insurance for SR22 policies.

Can I Use Digital Proof of a Florida Insurance Policy?

Over half the states now accept electronic id cards to show proof of insurance if you are required by a police officer. This not only makes it easier for the majority of people who own an iPhone or other smartphone it also saves time that courts use to confirm coverage for a ticket issued.

Know How to Access the Proof of Insurance on your Phone

Companies like GEICO offer a smartphone app available on iPhone and android devices but make sure you know how to access the ID card. The last thing you want is to have to remember your password and pull it up while the police officer is waiting. GEICO has developed a simple way for you to download your ID card to your phones app and does not require you to login to the app to view it. Check with your auto insurance company to see how to find and download the proof of insurance on your phone.

Get the Cheapest Florida SR22 Insurance

We work with all types of Florida SR22 Insurance situations. Regardless of your predicament, chances are we’ve not only experienced it, but we’ve solved it as well. We sell thousands of SR22’s, which makes us experts in the SR22 market. We provide both Owner and Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Policies and we shop multiple companies to ensure you’re always getting the absolute best price and coverage.

Digital Proof of Insurance in Florida

Because of our experience, we know where, when, and how to properly file your Florida SR22 with the DMV. Beware of companies that don’t do this full time. You could incur longer suspension durations, additional fees, etc. if your paperwork is not filed correctly. Experience is Critical!